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GEMPRO was created as a natural extension of Anju’s passion for design and her fascination with colored Gemstones. She founded Gempro in April 2007, with a goal to share her artistic approach & the beauty of Gemstones with the world.

Anju had a strong sense of design since childhood. Early on in her life, with the goal of being independent and expressing her true personality, she started a fashion boutique in the city of Agra, India. She managed the boutique for twenty years, through many ups and downs, but never gave up on her strong entrepreneurial spirit.


Once while walking along the Fifth Avenue, a large Amethyst geode at a store caught her attention. It was the beginning of her fascination with gemstones. She started studying about gemstones, did a course on colored gemstones from GIA, New York and also worked in a gemstone trading company. She gained a wealth of knowledge by travelling to different places to understand the entire supply-chain of gemstones. And then she started Gempro, with the objective of sharing the beauty and power of gemstones with the world.


Business, for Anju, is a means to give back to the society. She laid social welfare as one of the missions of Gempro. When she is not occupied with the company affairs, Anju spends time to promote women empowerment in India.

Anju Bansal - Founder Gempro